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My name is Nadia. I was born and raised in Russia, where I ate loads of fruits and veggies, and lived a relatively healthy life. But then, in 2007, I moved to the States. Inevitably, I started eating more and more meats, processed food, and my biggest weakness: desserts. Give me a sweet treat, and I’d eat it. Headaches, cravings and feeling about as lifeless as a dead battery were commonplace!

I tried to make some changes to my diet, but never with success, until I met a girl who was raw vegan. I was surprised to see how amazingly healthy and energetic she looked. The lifestyle seemed restrictive to me until I tried a berry cheesecake she made. Oh. My. So she didn’t just eat side salads with a few nuts and seeds?

A new world opened up before me, a world filled with energy, glowing skin and beautiful cheesecakes, without the sugar crashes. I was sold!

Raw vegan diet is so much more than diet. It is a worldview. It is a lifestyle. And I want to share that with you…
So why is this so important?

Suffice to say, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is nothing short of toxic. It’s destroying our health and making us miserable. It’s spreading myths and lies about what we should be eating, what’s actually in food, and the impact it’s having on our health. It has to be avoided.

When I started researching food and its impact on our health, I decided I was done with fads, restrictions and feeling awful, and I’m sure you are too. Berry Abundant Life is full of raw vegan and vegan recipes, health tips, recommendations and how-to guides, to help you make the same epic lifestyle changes that I did. Veganism and raw veganism can change your life in so many incredible ways, from improving your skin, to preventing sugar crashes, and even reversing heart disease, and it does not involve eating bowl after bowl of limp lettuce. I’m talking huge fruit platters, creamy smoothies and raw desserts that will please even the sweetest of sweet-tooths.

So forget the stereotypes. 


Raw vegan is about filling your body with as much nourishment as it needs, and living your best life: a berry abundant life!