Welcome to Berry Abundant Life

Your best ever lifestyle change starts here. Living the raw vegan life can help you to achieve glowing skin, boundless energy, and protection against disease. Here, I share with you everything from how to start a raw vegan diet to kitchen equipment essentials. I’ll be with you on your journey to feeling absolutely amazing, with new blog posts sharing tips, tricks and recipes every week!

Hey, I am Nadia.

I believe that we are really is what we eat. Raw vegan and vegan foods can help prevent disease, fill our bodies with natural energy and even prolong our lives. Not bad for the humble fruit and veg! Despite the stereotypes, it isn’t about restriction; in fact, it’s about filling your body with as much vitamin and mineral goodness as it needs to thrive.

Here, I share with you everything you could possibly need to achieve total health and wellness, with this berry abundant life! Read more about me here.