101 Epic Gifts for Vegans and Raw Vegans

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Present-buying can strike the fear of God into the best of us.

With birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, World Vegan Day (this is actually a thing), that’s a heck of a lot of gifts to buy. Throw in a vegan or raw vegan family member or friend, and it’s enough to send you into blind panic.

Luckily, there’s endless options when it comes to epic gifts suitable for vegans, raw vegans, vegetarians and the vegan-curious alike, to the point where it’ll be pretty difficult to actually give said gifts, and not keep them for yourself.

‘Hmmm, my sister/best friend/cousin would sure love this luxurious bath bombs gift set. But you know you else would? Me.’

No judgement here.

Here’s the ultimate guide to buying vegan and raw vegan-suitable gifts for all occasions!

What to avoid buying for a vegan

So, before we get straight into what you could or should buy for vegans, it’s worth explaining the things you should probably avoid… unless you’re not too bothered about maintaining a positive relationship with said family member or friend, or if you really love awkward and very fake ‘thank yous’.

Here’s a list of things you should avoid when gift-buying for vegans!

  • Food which contains animal products

I know that a steak wouldn’t exactly be your first thought when buying gifts for vegans – or anyone for that matter – but you’d be surprised how much milk powder, honey and egg sneaks into seemingly vegan food products.

I’ve seen honey in apparently raw vegan truffles more times than I care to mention. (A lot). Just make sure, no matter what food product you’re buying or what it says on the label, that you check the ingredients list first!

  • Clothes and home ware which contain animal products

Again, it might seem like that lovely, fluffy throw is innocent, but check all textiles to ensure they’re not made from wool. It should always list the make-up of the product on the label.

Wool is obtained by very cruel methods, and so vegans and raw vegans probably won’t want it hanging around their house… especially when there’s so many beautiful, cruelty free alternatives available!

And whilst it might seem like even the most ardent of meat-eaters denounce the ridiculously cruel fur industry, you might also be surprised.

  • Beauty products that are tested on animals or contain animal products

Luckily, the world seems to be getting on board with the cruelty-free beauty movement. Because, really, who the heck wants a mascara that’s contributed to the torture of innocent animals? Not me, thank you very much!

With most brands and products, it’s pretty easy to see whether they have been tested on animals or note, and if the product contains any animal byproducts.

Honey and beeswax are two of the main culprits when it comes to hidden nasties in cosmetics, hair care and skincare… If you’re not sure, check online. Peta has a great list of companies that have vowed not to test on animals and many of their sites clearly explain which products are vegan.

There’s also a handy list of companies who’ve either admitted that they do test on animals, or ‘pledged’ to stop… which means that, right now, they still do… obviously.

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  • Anything with excessive packaging

There are many reasons why people choose to eat a vegan or raw vegan diet: these ways of living are incredible for your health, incredible for the animals and, as the global discussion on climate change is finally revealing, incredible for the environment. No big deal. (It is a big deal.)

So it’s not guaranteed, but it’s likely that anyone who follows a cruelty-free lifestyle cares about protecting the environment and its resources. Whilst I’m not saying everything you buy for a vegan or raw vegan should be made of bamboo and contribute 50% of its profits to environmental charities, if you can, it’s worth giving a gift that isn’t unnecessarily harmful to the environment.

Take kids’ toys, for example. It seems like the packaging for most children’s toys is about enough to tip the planet over the edge, so imagine the global waste that’s produced when we carry on buying this stuff?

There are some amazing bamboo and wooden children’s toys available now, as more and more companies decide to change their environmentally destructive ways. Or, you could just give them a cardboard box, given how easily kids are entertained. Either or.

And the same goes for hair care and skincare. Instead of buying shampoos, conditioners and skin products in plastic tubs and bottles, there’s a heck of a lot of waste-free options available on the market: from shampoo bars to conditioner bars to moisturizing soaps that are completely plastic-free, it’s super easy to give a gift that’s kind to the recipient, and even kinder to the planet. And, let’s be honest, it’s kinda nice feeling so smug about saving the world.

Never buy the following for a vegan:

  • Food that is non-vegan, which means that it contains meat, eggs, fish, dairy, gelatin, whey or any other ingredients derived from animals.
  • Makeup, bath and beauty products that involves animal testing. These items should be cruelty-free.
  • Clothes or bedding made with fur, leather, silk, wool, down, feathers, leather or pearls.
  • Home products that are made with bone china.
  • Candles that are made from beeswax.
  • Non-vegan alcoholic drinks.

Vegan gift giving is not complicated. When you begin to recognize some of the rules, you will realize that it is easy to avoid giving unsuitable gifts to vegans.

If you are vegan: how to avoid getting non-vegan gifts

So, what if you’re vegan or raw vegan, and you’re worried about having to do that really awkward, super fake ‘Aw thank you, this leather handbag is just what I wanted’ (*starts to cry about all the poor cows involved in making of said handbag, making the whole situation even more awkward, and the next thing you know, Christmas is ruined)?

Alright, slight exaggeration, but there’s a simple way to avoid getting non-vegan gifts this Christmas, and guaranteeing a very genuine, non-weird ‘thank you’.

If you’ve been following a cruelty-free diet for a while, it’s likely that your family and friends are expert gift buyers, or getting there at least. Whilst it’s pretty obvious that you’re not gonna thank them for a leather purse, some gifts which appear on the surface to be suitable gifts for vegans, in fact have hidden animal products in them or cruel practices behind them, wool products and some cosmetics being prime examples.

A (very, very) gentle reminder that you’d like to avoid animal-tested or animal product-containing beauty products, home ware and food should do the trick. You’ve probably noticed (and I bet your friends and family have too) that it’s getting easier to choose vegan products. More and more food products, cosmetics, clothes and shoes and home ware is being labelled as ‘vegan’, which makes it easier than ever for your friends and family to buy you something awesome – and cruelty-free.

An even easier way to ensure a wonderfully vegan/raw vegan birthday, Christmas, graduation, Valentine’s gift is to send this article to whoever will be looking for a cruelty free gift for said occasion, and take the guess work out of it…. Once you’ve highlighted the gifts that you’d really love and ranked them in order of preference and put an asterisk against the ones you’d really really like, and you’ll be secretly be pretty upset if they don’t get. Then you can send it…

Vegan and raw vegan foodie gifts

1. Organic goji berries

It’s pretty well known at this point that goji berries, organic in particular, an absolute superstar of the health world, that’ll give your body a boost of vitality and wellness. Which isn’t bad going for a tiny berry… Yep, the hype is indeed true, and these organic goji berries are sure to make any vegan or raw vegan’s day. These incredible berries are jam-packed with beta-carotene, which contributes to beautiful, glowing skin, as well as vitamin C, helping to boost our immune systems, and prevent colds and other nasties. The main benefit, though, is that they look super fancy, so will instantly turn any smoothie bowl into an Instagram-worthy piece of art. Which is what we’re all looking for, right…

2. Raw truffles

Give the gift of decadence, without the decadence… if that makes any sense at all. Raw truffles, unlike the processed, illness-causing animal product-filled kind, allow for a seemingly luxurious treat, whilst actually doing the body nothing but good. Really, if an evening in with a great movie and pack of beautiful raw truffles isn’t living your best raw vegan life, I don’t know what is! These Raw Energy Dessert Truffles come in 8 luxurious flavors, including Mint Chocolate and Raspberry and Hazelnut Chocolate, and taste even more incredible than they sound.

If that wasn’t enough, these truffles are presented in a lovely gift box, making them the perfect gift for the vegans and raw vegans in your life. Sweet and tasty creaminess, without the sugar crashes afterwards and the negative effects on your health? Sold!

3. Raw Brownies

These seemingly indulgent Raw Dark Chocolate Walnut Brownies make a perfect stocking filler, and are in fact healthy enough to munch on for breakfast! Honestly, I don’t know how raw vegans cope… These bits of awesomeness combine cocoa with walnuts, almonds and vanilla to create a seriously tasty treat, sure to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet-tooths!

4. Raw Hemp Seeds

If you’re not already familiar with raw hemp seeds and their seemingly limitless benefits, you need to be! This 2-pound pack of freshly harvested hemp seeds are high in fiber, omega fats, antioxidants, and completely stuffed with protein. The omega-3 fatty acids are fab for your heart and mind, and the extra fiber found in these beauties will give the gift of… you know. Happy birthday!

But what can your family member or friend actually do with them? Anything, it seems. Whip up some super crazy healthy hemp milk, some ranch dressing (Mind. Blown.) or even some raw hemp brownies. The gift recipient and their taste buds will thank you!  

5. Raw Cashew Butter

Truly the King of the nut butter world, this incredibly creamy, you-could-totally-eat-it-all-in-one-sitting-cos-it’s-so-delicious raw cashew butter makes the perfect gift for the nut butter enthusiasts in your life! Whilst peanut, almond and hazelnut butters are certainly delicious, in my opinion, cashew butter is far superior. Its creaminess is unrivaled and given that they’re packed full of crucial vitamins and minerals like magnesium, zinc and copper, it’s not only doing wonders for your taste buds, but for your health too.

Spread it on apple slices, raw crackers or raw breads or why not make some super easy cashew butter balls, for quick energy on the go? And obviously I mean the gift recipient should make some out of the delicious cashew butter you bought them and give you the whole batch to say thank you… obviously.

 6. Medjool Dates

Once a well-kept secret of the health food world, the benefits and sheer deliciousness of medjool dates are now known and celebrated worldwide. Their ability to make epic raw vegan alternatives to the Standard American staples we all loved (but did not love our health) like caramel, candy, ice cream and fudgy cookies, can all be replicated with the help of a pack of medjool dates.

Gift these to any vegan or raw vegan, and they will thank you for it… by ignoring you for the rest of the day whilst they scurry off into the kitchen to whip up something delicious. Stick around long enough, and you’re in for a treat.. literally.

These Coachella dates are hand picked in California, organic and come in a resealable pack, perfect for if the gift recipient can eat a few and actually close the pack again without eating all of them. I just don’t have the willpower.

7. Kelp Noodles

Kelp noodles are probably pretty new to even the most ardent vegans and raw vegans, but they deserve a place on the ultimate gift list for several reasons. Kelp is made from brown seaweed and often found in Korean cooking. This 2 x 12 oz pack of Sea Tangle Noodle Company Kelp Noodles are incredibly versatile, simple to prepare and rich in calcium, iron and vitamin K. Check out 6 vegan and raw vegan recipes with kelp noodles here, and give the gift of something new to the cruelty-free enthusiast in your life!

Vegan, Vegetarian and Raw Vegan Chef gifts:

 8. Electric Spiralizer

If they’re fed up with manually turning their spiralizer to make those delicious zucchini noodles, make their lives infinitely easier with this handy electric spiralizer! All they need to do is feed the veggies into the chute, and then press the pusher. It’s easy to clean, comes with a warranty and features a compact, great-for-small-kitchens design, you’ll make their day with this piece of vegan kit! They’ll be whipping up some seriously impressive butternut squash spaghetti in no time! And all without the feeling that their arm’s gonna drop off.

9. Dehydrator

Dehydrators are truly a must-have kitchen gadget for raw vegans; they can – and will – open the door to a new world of incredible, adventurous raw food. Never heard of one? Dehydrators work by removing the moisture from food, allowing it to be kept for much longer, and allowing for endless mind-blowing dishes like raw vegan lemon cookies, pizza crusts and even raw bread.

This awesome dehydrator from Excalibur features Hyperwave technology, which removes water effortlessly. They won’t know how they lived without it, and you’ll be top of the gifting list when it comes to their epic creations.

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10. Yonanas

Give the gift of ice cream for breakfast (the best gift of all, of course) with this fab Yonanas machine. One of my favorites on the list for sure, this amazing piece of kit makes soft serve ice cream … from fruit. Why wait for dessert when you can wake up to ice cream every morning? I mean, you just wouldn’t.  

11. Vitamix Blender  

If you’ve ever read any of my other articles, you’ll know that I’m a little obsessed with the Vitamix. In fact, if I had to choose between my husband and my trusty Vitamix, it wouldn’t be an easy decision. (I’d miss him, of course).

Give a Vitamix to a vegan or raw vegan loved one, and you’re sure to be loved and adored for the rest of your days. No big deal.

Yes, they might seem expensive, but with such a good quality, versatile piece of kitchen tech, it’s worth the price, and more. Read more about why I love them here. With a variety of models and options to suit different budgets, the Vitamix is a blender superstar, and will add a rainbow of beautiful colors to anyone’s daily diet. And you could leave the price tag on ‘accidentally’, just to show them how generous you are…

12. Mason Jars with Lids and Straws

You don’t have to be a hipster to own mason jars. In fact, they’re the perfect gift for vegetarians, vegans and raw vegans; we do love an aesthetically pleasing meal. Whip up some delicious blueberry swirl banana nice cream, a la Fully Raw Kristina, pack it into a mason jar, and there you have it: an Instagram ready pic of your breakfast. Okay, so it might be a little hipster-y, but I love them.

 13. Bamboo Cutlery Set

It’s likely that any vegan or raw vegan in your life is a compassionate being, who cares about what happens to the planet. Cos we’re gonna struggle if we carry on destroying it…

Luckily, society is finally waking up to the dangers of plastic, which now pollutes ‘every corner of the earth’, and that’s where bamboo comes in. From toothbrushes to plates, bamboo is taking over the eco-friendly world, and this awesome, natural Bamboo cutlery set will make the perfect gift for an environmentally-conscious loved one this Christmas! A great set to take on the go, to picnics, or to use at home, the utensils come in a protective pouch and are packaged in a lovely gift box. Perfect for them, and the planet!

14. Bamboo Termos

Have I mentioned that bamboo is pretty awesome? This gorgeous Bamboo Flask is completely leak proof, keeps drinks warm for 12 hours and cold for a whopping 24! Perfect for a coffee or tea-loving vegan, or a raw vegan who likes to keep their smoothies super cold and fresh on the go! Not only is this bamboo flask eco-friendly – and BPA free – but it looks lovely! With a geometric design and ‘only love’ on the front, it’ll make a great gift for caring vegans this festive season.

 15. Coconut Bowls and Spoons Set

Not content with providing the world with tropical fruity goodness, (and an amazing hair and skin treatment – thank you coconut oil!), coconuts have extended their usefulness to include eco-friendly home ware. That’s right. This bowl and spoon set is made entirely from organic coconuts, which means no harmful plastic, chemical, or toxins. Presented in a gift box, this makes the perfect treat, and is great for those delicious smoothie bowls!

16. Food Processor

Any vegan or raw vegan cooking enthusiast will know that, to make some seriously stunning concoctions that impress even the most meat-eating of meat eaters, you’re gonna need a food processor. But with so many kitchen appliances available now, what actually is it?

Essentially, a food processor is an appliance sent from the vegan gods which allows you to grind, mince, slice, chop, puree and shred just about anything you need to.

It can be hard to navigate the saturated market, so allow me to introduce one of my favorites. This Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor in Brushed Stainless Steel is a must-have for any vegan or raw vegan food enthusiast. With 720 watts, large 14-cup bowl and extra large feed tube, open up a whole new world of cruelty-free culinary artistry with this epic gift.

Just be warned… when you see it in action, you will have to buy your own. FYI.

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17. Glass Straws

The world is finally waging war against completely-unnecessary-and-frankly-awful-for-the-environment plastic straws, and there are now more alternatives available than ever! You’ve probably seen bamboo straws before, but how about these nifty glass ones? With an elegant design, this set includes 8 straws, each measuring 10”, as well as cleaning brush to keep them in tip top condition! They’re durable, safe, heat and cold resistant, non-toxic, and suitable for pretty much any container. For use at home and on the go, help the vegan in your life save the world, one sip at a time…

18. Ice Cream Maker

Yes that says ice cream maker, and yes, both vegans and raw vegans can eat ice cream. And if they’re anything like me, eat it pretty much daily. (Before you gasp in horror, raw vegan ice cream, whilst as creamy as the ‘original’, is made entirely of bananas… check out this epic recipe for banana ice cream, and shock the kids into thinking you’re the best parent ever because you’re giving them a ‘treat’ at breakfast. *Evil laugh*.

19. Vegan Kitchen Wooden Sign

A lovely reminder that their kitchen is of a plant-powered nature, this ‘Vegan Kitchen’ sign will be loved by both vegans and raw vegans this year. Handmade and using stained wood, this rustic sign will look awesome in any cruelty-free kitchen!

Best Gifts for Raw Food Newbie

 20. Rawsome Vegan Baking: An Un-cookbook for Raw, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Beautiful and Sinfully Sweet Cookies, Cakes, Bars & Cupcakes by Emily von Euw

One of my all-time favorite cookbooks, Rawsome Vegan Baking is a must-have for any vegan or raw vegan’s kitchen. Packed full of delectable, moreish, energizing recipes, this book will satisfy their sweet tooth, without weighing them down with processed sugar.  Have them whip up some ‘super sexy cacao cashew cupcakes’, ‘ultimate caramel chocolate squares’ or a ‘crème brulee of cashews, coconut, lavender and cinnamon’ in this simply stunning book. They’ll never miss processed sweets, when they’re making these gorgeous raw desserts, and feeling incredible afterwards! The only downside is the plethora of requests they’ll receive from family and friends for these treats. Don’t they know they have jobs?!

21. The Fully Raw Diet by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

Fully Raw Kristina is the indisputable raw vegan queen, and a massive inspiration to the community. She’s been raw vegan for 13 years, which she used to overcome type 2 diabetes. Her amazing book contains tips, meal and exercise plans and recipes abundant; it’s really a great guide for curious or new raw vegans, and the perfect way to get started.

22. Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets by Brenda Davis

I absolutely love ‘Becoming Raw’. It answers so many questions about the raw vegan diet, and looks at the science behind it. It has everything they could need to plan a well-balanced raw vegan diet, suited to their requirements, as well as recipes and equipment guides.

23. Nut Milk Bag

Nut milks from almond to hazelnut to cashew are now, thankfully, readily available at pretty much every grocery store, health food store and even at most convenience stores. The times are a-changin’!

But if you’re a long-time vegan or raw vegan, you may remember the days of soya milk only – if you’re lucky – and having to make things from scratch if you wanted something as ‘exotic’ as almond milk. If you fancy going back to basics, whether just for the fun of it, because you like a challenge (although making nut milk at home really isn’t that hard) or you want a nuttier nut milk, making your own is the way to go!

This awesome hemp reusable nut milk bag is all natural, and perfect for making homemade nut milks for the recipient’s sipping pleasure! They’re heavy duty, great value and made with organic cotton threads. There are loads of recipes on the net for various plant milks, so all you need to unlock your fave vegan/raw vegan’s window to homemade milks is this cloth! And the nuts, obviously, but you’re not made of money…

Vegan Clothes and Accessories Gifts

24. Vegan for Health Planet and Animals T-Shirt

Aside from the myriad of health benefits that accompany a raw vegan lifestyle, not eating meat and dairy is obviously an incredible thing to do for the animal worldOver 56 billion are killed each year by humans. I know that that seems like a grossly overestimated figure, but, unfortunately, it’s true. So going raw vegan (or vegan of any form), has obvious benefits for the animals.

Aside from the needless cruelty involved, animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions, more than all forms of transport combined, so avoiding it directly helps to save the planet. This super cute vegan t-shirt should therefore be worn proudly, again and again! Featuring the text, ‘Vegan for health, for the planet, for the animals’, it makes the perfect present for a proud vegan.

25. Powered by Plants T-shirt

If they’re (super)powered by plants, gift them this awesome Powered By Plants unisex T-Shirt. Choose maroon or heather, and let them show off to the world that it’s fruits and veggies that give them that boundless energy and health glow.. who would have thought it?!

26. Hemp and Organic Cotton Blend Socks

These socks are truly a treat for your feet. Made from 66% organic cotton, 28% hemp and the rest lycra, their natural fibers make them breathable, keeping out unwanted odors. Hemp’s actually the eco-friendliest fiber in the world, making them a treat for the earth, too.

27. Corcor Vegan Belt

Unfortunately, like many bags and wallets, men’s and women’s belts are often made using animal leathers. Not only does leather involve needless killing, but it has a pretty devastating effect on the environment. But that doesn’t mean that vegans and raw vegans have to live life with their ever so slightly too baggy jeans falling down every 2 seconds.

Enter this awesome Corkor Vegan Belt for Women, an ethical and stylish alternative to leather belts.

With a smooth and premium feel, non-stretchy material and fine details, this cork belt is available in three colors – light brown, brown and black – to accessorize any cruelty-free outfit. These fantastic quality belts are built to last and made from premium cork, which is obtained from trees without cutting or harming them, so they’re much better for the environment and our planet than their leather counterparts.

Available in various sizes, these cork belts are the perfect gift for the vegan fashionistas in your life, and do the same job, just without all the destruction and stuff… bonus!

Vegan Beauty gifts

28. Vegan Lip Balm

Hurraw lip balms are a staple in many a vegan’s make-up bag. And this set makes a fab gift. With 3 gorgeous flavors, including coconut, earl grey and mint, all are completely cruelty-free, vegan and non-GMO. And there are other flavor bundles available, with everything from chai spice to lemon to root beer to vanilla. Just try not to eat them…

29. INIKA Vegan Makeup Gift Set

Inika is a pioneer of cruelty-free beauty, proving that you don’t need to test cosmetics on animals, period. All of their products are vegan, are not tested on animals, and include all-natural ingredients. This is the ideal starter or travel collection for vegans and non-vegans alike this Christmas. Including Mineral Foundation Powder, Mineral Liquid Foundation, Mineral Bronzer, Organic Primer, Organic Concealer, Mineral Setting Powder, Mineral Blush and a Kabuki Brush all in a drawstring make-up bag, it’s all they’ll need to start (or continue) their journey into incredibly high-quality, cruelty-free vegan beauty! It even comes in four different shades for varying skin tones, making it an ideal Christmas gift for compassionate loved ones. Okay, I’ve just convinced myself to buy one… Christmas is the time for giving (treats to yourself), after all!

30. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Another gift oozing beauty brilliance is this amazing Life Around 2 Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set. Cruelty-free – of course – and created with American ingredients in California, this is truly a company with passion. This gift box features 12 stunning scents, including Black Raspberry Vanilla, Shea Coconut and Mango Papaya. They’re sure to find a scent to fit every mood, and will experience the most beautiful bubbly bath they’ve ever had! Stress? Not with these bath bombs!

31. Pacifica Spray Perfume

If they’re not smelling sweet enough after their bath, they can simply spritz on this divine vegan and cruelty-perfume, and come up smelling of roses. A favorite scent of mine, this gorgeous perfume is a sumptuous blend of vanilla absolute, honey-jasmine notes, and a beautiful base of tea. And, just to make it even sweeter, it’s completely free of parabens, phthalates, and other nasty stuff you do not want to put on your skin.

32. The Seaweed Bath Co. Balancing Shampoo

This truly awesome Seaweed Bath Company balancing shampoo is the perfect gift for cruelty-free beauty lovers. Made from organic, sustainably-harvested Bladderwrack seaweed, it’s jam packed with over 65 vitamins and minerals for a super strong and healthy mane. Oh, and the seaweed from Maine. Weird!

It contains aloe and argan oil, which naturally moisturizes the hair, is completely vegan and cruelty-free, and the bottle’s made of 100% recycled plastic. They’re worth it!

33. Alba Botanica Shampoo and conditioner

If you’re feeling uber generous, how about a shampoo and conditioner duo? You’re too nice…

We’re now all aware of the endless benefits of coconuts, and you’ll find it working its magic right here in this Alba Botanica coconut milk duo. There are no damaging sulfates, they’re packed with fatty acids and protein, which moisturizes the hair and reduces split ends, and their tropical oils protect the hair from heat styling.

Vegan Tech Gifts

34. Plant Powered Vegan Phone Grip

Phone grips aren’t really necessary until you’ve used one. Then, you’ll never want to use your phone without one again. Seriously. Never drop your phone again (and never experience the nail-biting wait to see if the screen’s cracked) with this loud and proud plant powered phone grip! With a fruits and veggies design, your plant-loving friends and family will love shouting about their love of fresh produce to the world.

35. Vegan Leather iPhone Case Wallet

Screw the cruel leather industry with this vegan leather iPhone case. If your leather-hating friend or family member has an iPhone 7 or 8, this is the phone protector for them! Made from high quality faux leather, this phone case feels truly luxurious, and there’s even space for their credit cards. And all vegans know that you need at least 3 of these for every Wholefoods shop.

36. Briefcase

Continuing down the stuff-you-leather route, this seriously leather-looking briefcase is a fab cruelty-free alternative.

37. Anti-radiation Cell Phone Case

Technology might be rapidly evolving, but so too are concerns about the effect of this innovation on our health. But with this Defender Shield cell phone case, they don’t need to worry about harmful radiation. In fact, it’s the only iPhone case which blocks up to 100% of all EMF radiation from the front of cell phones, without affecting the quality of their signal! And there’s no leather in sight, obviously.

Vegan gifts for kids and babies

38. Baby Bodysuit or T-shirt “I only drink human milk”

Looking for a gift for mini vegans? To be honest, there’s so many cute baby gifts for vegans on the market, it was super tough narrowing it down. But this one had to go in. This awesome ‘I Only Drink Human Milk’ onesie or a t-shirt is for babies who wanna shout about the animals from the rooftops! You think they’re crying, but actually they’re explaining why they’re vegan…

39. Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit Set

I love a veggie pun as much as the next vegan, and I love these veggie pun baby bodysuits even more. Made with 100% organic cotton, these soft and gentle bodysuits are perfect for little veggie munchers and feature such wonderful puns as ‘I’m a fun guy’ (with a cartoon mushroom), ‘veggin out’ (with a veggie medley design) and ‘please romaine calm’ (with a cartoon lettuce). The only question left is do they do adult sizes?

40. Organic Cotton Bibs

Following on with the veggie pun theme (I just can’t get enough, apparently), these Touched By Nature baby cotton bibs are the perfect gift for the little veggie in your life. There are 5 designs included: ‘let’s jam, with a jar of jam, ‘squeeze me’ with a lemon, ‘berry sweet’ with a raspberry, ‘pear-fect’ with a pear and ‘loved a bunch’ with a bunch of grapes. Again, if they could start doing these for adults, that’d be great.

41. Plant Powered Kids T-shirt

Let them show the world that they’re helping to save the planet with this plant powered kid’s t shirt, featuring the text ‘Plant Powered Kid, Generation Veggie!’. With loads of sizes to choose from, they’ll love declaring their love of the cruelty-free life. And, they do these in adult sizes… finally!

42. Kids Book About Vegans, Vegetarians, and All Living Things

For an age-appropriate explanation of vegetarianism and veganism, ‘That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals’ is the perfect guide. Featuring a super cute cast of pigs, turkeys, cows, quails, turtles and dolphins, this book shows them in their natural habitat, and explains why veggie and vegan lifestyles are so important. It’s a great way for parents to explain their lifestyle choices!

43. Linus the Vegetarian T. rex Book for kids

Linus The Vegetarian T Rex again shows little ones that not eating animals is completely normal! This friendly blue dinosaur will guide them on an adventure into Linus’s veggie choices, including a very plump tomato!

44. Raw Vegan Book for Kids

For raw vegan little ones, this How To Eat A Rainbow: Magical Raw Vegan Recipes For Kids is all they and their parents will need for beautiful raw recipes at every meal. It targets some of the tougher areas to crack like treats, snacks and drinks and sees fairies hard at work plucking grapes and enchanting seeds!

45. The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids – plant-based kids recipe book

Written by the author of ‘That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals’, The Help Yourself Cookbook For Kids is jam-packed with yummy plant-based recipes that little ones will love. With some seriously stunning illustrations, both the kids and the parents will enjoy exploring this book, and creating some of its epic recipes.

46. Vegan Chick Mini Button

Is there anything cuter than a chick? Not really… So this little vegan chick mini button makes a super cute addition to a little one’s gift and can be pinned on jackets or bags.

Vegan gifts for him

47. Vegan Recycled Bike Tube Wallet

Another fab leather-free find, this Splaff El Presidente recycled bike wallet is made from completely vegan materials. In fact, it goes one better as it’s made entirely of recycled and handpicked car tires, hemp and bicycle tubes. With plenty of space for credit cards, it’s the perfect gift for the compassionate man in your life!

48. Organic Vegan Beard Oil

If you know a vegan with a beard (there’s a few of them according to the hipster stereotype), you’ll know that they take said beard very seriously. So this Honest Amish classic beard oil will be right up their street! Hand crafted in America, this 2 ounce bottle features organic virgin argan oil and golden jojoba oil, perfect for softening the beard and skin.

49. Men’s Hemp Blend T-Shirts

Hemp is super eco-friendly, so for the environmentally conscious gift, this Onno men’s t-shirt will be very much appreciated. It’s available in loads of different colors and sizes, and is produced by a small, family-run business.

50. Hemp Beanie Hat

Apparently, I’m a little obsessed with hemp, so here’s a beanie hat to go with that t-shirt! Made from 100% hemp, these unisex Charm beanie hats are available in loads of colors, and they’re made to last a lifetime! Hemp keeps your head cool, reduces odor and absorbs moisture, for an environmentally friendly (and head friendly!) hair accessory.

51. Men’s Cool Eco and Vegan Clothes by Soul Role

With a range of high quality, organic and eco-friendly apparel, Soul Role is a brand to take note of! From hoodies and yoga pants to joggers and shorts, the fashionable vegan man in your life will love a piece from this cruelty-free, world-friendly collection.

52. Men’s No Wool Touchscreen Outdoor Gloves

Gloves might seem innocent enough, but it’s important to check for hidden wool. These Mountain Made gloves are completely wool free (as all gloves should be!) and great for outdoor activities like driving, hiking and cycling.

53. Vegan Beer Soap 6-Pack Sample Set

For grooming-loving guys this year, this awesome 6-pack of handmade beer soap is sure to go down a treat. The all natural, vegan and cruelty-free soap is handmade and includes varieties like Eucalyptus Brown, Citrus and Spruce Saison and Coastal Sage Lager.

 54. Bamboo Crew Socks

Wool can also very easily sneak its way into socks, especially thicker, men’s pairs. Luckily, these bamboo crew socks are completely cruelty-free, and loads better for the environment. Bamboo is actually great for absorbing sweat, making it the perfect material for socks, for obvious reasons!

55. Men’s Vegan Belt

So we’ve already covered the fact that you can buy belts made from cork now (what a time to be alive!), so here’s another that’s great for the vegan man in your life. Made from superior cork leather, this belt is seriously stylish and comes with a 2-year warranty. What a corker! Sorry.

56. “Vegan guys are hotter” Mug

It’s pretty obvious, but a man who cares about the environment, the planet, the animals or his health (or all of the above, most likely) is infinitely hotter. Period. So, tell him with this awesome ‘Vegan Guys Are Hotter’ mug, perfect for securing bragging rights in the office.

57. Real Leaf Wallet

For nature lovers, this real leaf leather (who knew that was a thing?!) is the perfect present. With an intricate leaf design and available in a few different colors to suit, each wallet is completely different… with no cruelty in sight!

58. Cross Training Shoes

Once you’ve recovered from your initial ‘what the heck are those?!’, trust me when I say these Vibram Men’s Cross Training Shoes are great for fitness addicts. They allow wearers flexibility and the chance to really feel the ground when walking, running or training. But they’re still durable enough to absorb shock – a win win!

59. Friends Not Food Men T-Shirt

For vegan or raw vegan males who like to shout about their cruelty-free lifestyle, this Friends Not Food t-shirt is perfect. Featuring lovely designs of various animals, screw the ‘manly’ stereotype and let him shout his vegan ways from the rooftops! Coupled with the ‘vegan guys are hotter mug’, he’ll be completely irresistible!

Vegan gifts for her

60. Cork Vegan Handbag for Women

With so many handbags made from leather on the market, it’s sometimes hard to find a great quality bag that looks amazing and does amazing things for the planet… Found it! For the fashionista vegan in your life, this Corkor Cork Purse is completely vegan and has plenty of room for all of their cruelty-free needs: goji berries, nuts and seeds, smoothies, etc. Oh, and it’ll fit a laptop in there too, by the way. Not that that’s as important as the goji berries, but it’s good to know.

61. Kat Von Eye Shade Set

You may or may not know that Kat Von D is a cruelty-free beauty icon. In fact, she does amazing things for the vegan movement in general, so this Kat Von D eye palette is an amazing choice for the make-up loving vegans in your life. Her range is known for great quality, and you’ll be supporting a vegan business too.

62. Vegan Eco Friendly Gift Box

For a gorgeous gift without the hassle, this super cute vegan hamper is definitely the one! This ‘Little Vegan’ hamper is available in three varieties: ‘Mini Vegan’ (containing retro sweets, Himalayan bath salts, a ‘You Are One In A Million’ cork-topped jar, a little box of vegan jokes, a gift message and twine-wrapped sprigs of lavender), ‘Viva La Vegan’ (containing a felt avocado key ring, a pumpkin spice candle, natural soaps, a vegan poem scroll, retro sweets, Himalayan bath salts, a ‘You Are One In A Million’ cork-topped jar, a little box of vegan jokes and twine-wrapped lavender) and ‘Vegan-Tastic’ (containing magic test tube filled with millions, organic hot chocolate or a selection of loose leaf teas, an A5 avocado print, an avocado felt keying, a ‘You Are My Favorite Vegan’ card and poem, a pumpkin spice candle, natural soaps, retro sweets, Himalayan bath salts, a little box of vegan jokes, a ‘You Are One In A Million’ cork-topped jar and twine-wrapped lavender. )

Okay, I want one.

63. Vegan Bath Bombs Gift Set

Is there anything better than a long, relaxing, bubbly bath? No, not really. So give the gift of ultimate pampering with this awesome bath bomb set. With no nasty ingredients in sight, these Beauty By Earth bath bombs are full of the best things for your skin like organic shea butter. Might be worth getting a set for yourself too, to be honest.

64. Vegan Creams and Body Lotions

This Avalon Organics nourishing lavender hand and body lotion is the ultimate in cruelty-free skincare. It deeply nourishes dry skin, is organic and its plant-based formula is made with essential oils and organic botanicals. A great one for winter!

65. Essential Oil Diffuser

For fans of essential oils, this gorgeous and innovating Zen Breeze oil diffuser is 100% BPA-free, is super quiet, and could even help with colds. It features an LED light that glows in the dark with 14 different colors and uses cool moisture ultra-sonic nebulizing technology. Not sure what that is, but it sounds complicated, so it must be good!

66. Essential Oils Wood Box Set

Pair the stylish oil diffuser with this set of Pura D’or essential oils, and you’ve got yourself an epic gift! This USCA organic set includes tea tree, lemon, lavender, sweet orange, rosemary, lemongrass, frankincense, peppermint, cedarwood and eucalyptus, so I don’t know how they could complain with that!

67. Women’s Touchscreen (no Wool) Winter Sport gloves

There’s nothing more irritating than needing to use your cell, but also trying not to get frostbite in the process. Well hallelujah, there appears to be a cruelty-free answer! These TrailHeads women’s running gloves have silicone palm grips for dexterity, have a super soft brushed inner layer to keep moisture from your skin and keep the heat in, and they work with cell phones. Give the gift of keeping all of your fingers intact with this pretty cool gift!

68. Mismatched Recycled Cotton Socks

So, we’ve covered socks for men. But we’re not leaving out the ladies!  These Solmate Mismatched socks are not only super cute and come in a variety of colors, but they’re high quality, eco-friendly, made from 100% recycled cotton blend and super comfy.

69. Reusable Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid and Protective Sleeve

This dishwasher safe glass water bottle has a bamboo lid and protective BPA-free sleeve, for all of your ‘saving the planet’ needs! It’s made from high strength glass and you don’t have to worry about leaks. The obvious alternative to plastic, give the gift of hydration with this super eco-friendly bottle.

70. Non Leather Wallet for Women, Made of Cork

It’s not just men’s wallets that are often made with cruel leather. Stay clear of animal products with this stylish cork purse. With plenty of room for your cards, and none of the animal byproducts, it’s a fab choice for vegan women this year!

71. Powered by Plants Women’s Tank Top

For the lady in your life who’s proud of being powered by plants, this tank top is an absolute must-have. Featuring the slogan ‘Powered By Plants’, there are no animal fabrics to be found in this shirt, and it’s even printed and designed in the USA.

72. Bracelet Engraving Vegan Bracelet

This truly special engraved bracelet makes a beautiful gift for her this year. A delicate bracelet made with dark green cotton ribbon, just select the initial you’d like on the on the brass circle for a cruelty-free gift they’ll wear again and again!

Vegan gifts for cats and dogs

73. The Cat Grass Growing Kit

Not only is this organic cat grass growing kit super cute, but your super cute kitty cat will love it! This complete kit includes everything you need to grow your own cat grass, including a planter, organic soil and an organic blend of non GMO seeds. It’s simple to grow – just with water, you’ll have full length cat grass in 5 -7 days for your fur baby to enjoy. Cats absolutely love grass, and it’s especially good for indoor cats, as it gives them access to the fiber, vitamins and minerals found in it. Plus, it acts as a hairball remedy. There’s not much it can’t do!

 74. Organic Hemp Dog Leash

Who says cats and dogs can’t celebrate too?! This organic hemp dog leash has a soft fleece handle, is eco-friendly and much stronger than cotton. Your pooch will love looking after the environment with his new, and may I say, very stylish lead.

75. Organic Hemp Collar

Pair the hemp lead with an equally eco-friendly collar with this Baloo’s organic hemp collar! It also features a soft fleece lining for a luxury feel for your fur baby, and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

76. All Natural Healthy Dog Treats – Sweet Potato Chews for Dogs

If you’ve never seen a dog devour a sweet potato, you’re missing out. They absolutely love the stuff, and so these Wholesome Pride sweet potato chews are the perfect vegan snack for your pampered pooch. Made from sweet potato only (no nasties!), these nutrient rich slices are a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, so they’re great for keeping your dog’s skin, eyes, coat and muscles in tip top shape. And trust me, they’ll go nuts for them…

77. Naturally Shed Elk Antlers for Dogs

These naturally-shed elk antlers are sure to be a massive hit with your pet pooch! A 4.5-5 inches, there’s plenty to be chewing and gnawing, and should save him or her going straight for the new sofa… Elk antlers are jam-packed with manganese, calcium, zinc and phosphorous, have no idea and won’t leave any residue in the house. Plus, they’re fab for dogs’ teeth, as the gnawing removes plaque build-up. Get ready to be the best owner ever!

78. Vegan Organic Coconut Bacon Dog Treats

As much as it might be very tempting to have a quick nibble on anything with ‘coconut bacon’ in the description, it’s probably best to leave these to your fur baby. Organic, vegan and gluten and corn free, your dog will go crazy for the natural smoked flavor of these coconut bacon bones. Made from scratch with nothing artificial whatsoever, it’s a treat for their taste buds, and for their health!

79. CatTwig Silver Vine Sticks

Kitty cat owners will know that cats love nothing more than chewing and scratching things that they shouldn’t: wires, the sofa, human hands, etc. So give them a treat they can get their teeth into, with these catnip sticks, made with 100% natural matatabi silver vine (basically a plant), these alternatives to cat nip help to exfoliate dental plaque build-up, and, suffice to say, cats will go mad for it. A bit like raw vegans with cheesecake, I guess…

80. Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratcher and Lounge

If your cute kitty needs even more persuasion to not completely ruin your furniture, how about this Pet Fusion cat scratcher lounge? The #1 bestseller in its category, this scratcher includes organic catnip leaf, and encourages healthy claws and stress relief. (For both the kitty and its owner, considering she won’t be scratching your thousand dollar furniture anymore…). Not only will cats love it, but it’s made from recycled cardboard, so it’s great for the environment too!

Funny vegan gifts

81. Funny Avocado Gym Bag

Who doesn’t love a veggie pun? Exactly! This ‘Avocardio’ gym bag is one of my favorites. Not only does it feature a fitness-freak avocado and a cracking pun, but it can be used for the gym, as a handbag or a grocery bag. If your vegan or raw vegan gift receiver doesn’t appreciate its beauty, do you really need that kind of negativity in your life?

82. Funny Vegan Coffee Mug

If you’re anything like me, you love a good novelty mug… to the point where most of my cupboards are taken up storing them. Sorry, not sorry. This vegan coffee mug is the perfect gift for vegans with a sense of humor. It reads ‘The Hardest Part About Being Vegan Is Waking Up At 5AM To Milk The Almonds’, and I think we can all resonate with this. The struggle is indeed real.

83. Funny Bamboo Cutting Board – Vegan Gift

Another funny addition to a vegan kitchen is this awesome vegan cutting board. Reading ‘This is where I murder vegetables’, it references the age old question vegans and raw vegans are often asked by ardent meat eaters. What if vegetables have feelings though? Sigh…

84. Vegan Pillow – Great Vegan Home Decor Gift

This awesome vegan pillow is a fab gift for Star Wars-loving vegans and raw vegans. A black cushion with the text ‘Come To The Vegan Side’, it not only plays on the classic quote from the movies, but encourages friends and family to go cruelty-free too. Coupled with the offer of vegan cookies, you never know!

85. Funny Vegan T-shirt – Died Of Protein Deficiency

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about my protein intake… well, you get the idea. Every single vegan or raw vegan will have been asked at some point how on earth they’ve managed to survive without a daily 48 oz steak. Gently tease the skeptics with this ‘Died Of Protein Deficiency’ t-shirt, available in loads of colors and sizes, and a great addition to any vegan’s wardrobe.

86. Lemon Vegan Gift

Okay, so this gift isn’t exactly necessary, but it’s cute as hell, and if that doesn’t secure it a spot in my gift guide, I don’t know what will. Featuring a mini, smiling lemon in a jar holding a sign saying ‘You’re the zest’, your vegan other half or bestie will love this novelty gift. And if they don’t, what the heck’s wrong with them?! Look how cute it is!

87. Potato Prime Cuts T-shirt – Funny Vegan Gift

We’ve all seen those pretty horrible pictures of animals and their ‘prime cuts’… Flip this idea on its head with this amazing potato prime cuts t-shirt! Available for men, women and children, this shirt features a potato and all of its best ‘cuts’: chips, baked, thick chips, hash brown, French fry, etc. You get the picture.

88. Funny Vegan Coffee Mug – Romaine Calm Lettuce Carrot On

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that I love a veggie pun… and this mug has two, so. Suffice to say, I like it. This ‘Romaine calm, Lettuce carrot on’ mug is a sure bet for any vegan or raw vegan, including me. Hint hint.

89. Avocado Stickers

If you can find a vegan who doesn’t like avocado… I mean, it just won’t happen. This book of 24 avocado stickers is a hilarious gift for the avo enthusiast. Including such pun gold (or green) as ‘let’s avo-cuddle’ and ‘avo-cato’, stick ‘em wherever the heck you want and live your best avo life!

Vegan stocking stuffers

90. There is no planet B – Vegan Pin

This gorgeous pin is a fab stocking filler for Christmas or little addition to a bigger gift. Reading ‘There is no planet B’ with a sparkly landscape design, it features a gold plated back, and will look amazing on a jacket or backpack.

91. Vegan Hand Creams

These 100% vegan hand creams are the perfect prezzy for skincare lovers. Available in French lavender, eucalyptus and pink grapefruit, this hand cream is made with shea butter, cocoa butter and avocado oil, and will sort any dry skin out in a jiffy. And, most importantly, it’s cruelty-free!

92. Organic Acai Powder

I love a good acai bowl… and just because it looks amazing on Instagram. They taste amazing, have infinite health benefits, and you can get creative with them. From the Brazilian Amazon, this acai is loaded with antioxidants and is completely organic. Check out my best blenders for acai bowls article for more information on the incredible benefits of acai! And I promise I don’t work for some kind of acai bowl company. I just love them.

93. Raw Brazil Nuts

Sometimes the simplest things make the best gifts. Every vegan and raw vegan knows how important brazil nuts are to our health, and how delicious they are to boot! This 1lb of raw organic brazil nuts is sure to be loved as a stocking filler by your nut-loving loved one. Whether they whip up a brazil nut milk, chop ‘em up and sprinkle them on an acai bowl (I’m obsessed) or simply snack on them, they’re a great treat for plant lovers this year.

94. Raw Cashews

Not only are raw cashews incredibly creamy and great as a snack, they’re possibly the most versatile nut out there. From raw ‘cheese’ sauce to nut milk to cheesecake, cashews are truly the star of the vegan world. This 10-ounce pack of organic and raw cashews will be loved by any plant-powered family member or friend… if you can bear to part with them, that is.

 95. Fruit Scoop Set

We all love a nifty kitchen gadget, and this is a truly cracking one for vegans! Seed and scoop melons and squash with ease with this Chef n Scoop baller and scoop set. Forget awkward knife work; with this nifty bit of kit, scoop perfect round spheres of fresh produce like an absolute boss. And it’s really colorful.

96. Reusable Plant Based Food Wraps

It’s pretty obvious that we’re using way too much plastic, and that includes food wrap. These reusable food wraps are an incredible vegan alternative, made from organic cotton and completely plastic-free! Have them wrapping their lunch in these completely vegan reusable wraps, and saving the planet at the same time.

97. Vegan Decal Bumper Sticker

When eating vegan just isn’t enough, shout it from the rooftops (of your car) with this awesome vegan bumper sticker. A great gift for someone who loves the cruelty-free life, simply stick on the back of the car, and encourage the world to go plant-powered!

98. Friends not Food Mini Button

Featuring the cutest little pig cartoon design, this ‘Friends Not Food’ button is the cutest stocking filler.

99. Vegan Magnet Set

Is their fridge lacking vegan magnets? Never fear – a range of plant-based magnets is here! Just in their design… don’t eat them or anything. You can pick two from an awesome selection of the cutest magnets, including avo on toast, a vegan taco and an ‘eat fruit not friends’ magnet (my personal favorite). Their fridge will thank you!

Proper vegan gift-giving

100. Vegan-friendly and eco-friendly gift wrap

So you’ve got your vegan gift. But what about wrapping it? If you want to be full on earth-loving vegan (and shouldn’t we all!), try this awesome Wrappily: a 100% recyclable and compostable wrapping paper. With epic designs and reversible patterns, all made in the USA, presenting your gift in this lovely, eco-friendly paper is the cherry on top of the cake. Hope you’ve also bought cake.

101. Natural Jute Twine

And for a super natural and eco-friendly alternative to plastic ribbon, this natural jute twine finishes your gift off with a lovely, rustic feel.

Final thoughts

So there you have it. You’re sure to find the perfect present among this fantastic bunch of the best gifts for vegans and raw vegans. In fact, you’ll like these gifts so much that it may be tempting to keep them yourself, and if you do, there’ll be no judgement from me whatsoever! I’ve never done that, of course…

Happy gift giving everyone!