9 Unbelievable Benefits of Celery Juice, And How It Should Replace Your Morning Coffee

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Okay, so you’ve made it to the first line without the title scaring you away – you’re a brave lot! I understand how off-putting it might sound, but stick with me, and you’ll be experiencing the crazy amount of life-changing health benefits that come with celery juice that I started to experience 6 months ago, when I started living my best celery juice life.

If you’ve read my article on the dangers of caffeine, you’ll know that, for the sake of our physical and mental health, sleep patterns and our bank accounts, we need to find a healthy raw alternative that’ll give us the boost we need, without the detrimental after-effects. Step forward, celery!

That might sound pretty anti-climactic, and hard to be believe. Just as I couldn’t understand how hidden the dangers of coffee truly are, I couldn’t believe how I didn’t know about the crazy power of celery to boost our energy, aid our digestion and detoxify our bodies until a few months ago. I came across the Medical Medium, who described these benefits (and a million more) of drinking celery juice. As a not-so-huge fan of celery, I had my reservations. Just celery? On its own? Talk about raw vegan stereotype! But, stick with me, and you and the green stuff are sure to become the veggie best of friends! Oh dear…

1.It detoxifies your body

Whether you’re looking for a healthier alternative to the Standard American Diet, or you’re a super healthy raw vegan who’s indulged in a few raw cheesecakes over the festive period (no shame, whatsoever), celery juice is great for detoxing your mind and body. Because it’s so hydrating – it’s about 95% water – and alkaline, it’s able to neutralize acid and balance the body’s pH levels, which is essential to maintaining and protecting health cells. In turn, this significantly lowers our risk of developing heart disease.

Not only that, but celery contains a combination of potassium and sodium, making it a ‘natural diuretic’. For those of you (like me), who don’t speak another language, that essentially means that it helps you to pee more… So it flushes out toxins and can remove calcium deposits from the joints, eliminating them through the kidneys. Ridding our bodies of these toxins even helps to regenerate your stomach lining. It’s kinda crazy how much food can impact our bodies. It’s a shame we can’t see it, or we’d all be raw vegan! I mean that’d be gross, but I think we’d put down the burgers and shakes pretty sharpish.

2. It aids digestion

Experiencing stomach issues? You’re not alone. As a nation we’re suffering from a plethora of digestive issues, from IBS to constipation. Cue ongoing, day-ruining issues that make us sluggish, irritated, and, in some cases, seriously ill.

The Medical Medium explains the incredible healing powers of celery for our digestive systems. He describes how celery juice effectively rebuilds the stomach’s balance and heals the liver, which helps to ease bloating and constipation. Not only that, but it lowers levels of viruses and bacteria in our intestinal linings, making it an amazing digestive health restorer. Drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach will help your system to digest the food you eat for the rest of the day by alkalizing the body, allowing food to digest easily, and not ferment or rot. Watch Fully Raw Kristina’s explanation of why celery juice is amazing for digestion, as well as how to make a morning juice!

So, if you ever feel sluggish as a result of slow digestion, celery juice is the answer you’ve been searching for. Along with an enzyme-packed, vitamin and mineral-rich raw vegan diet, of course. Have I mentioned the benefits of a raw vegan diet? I mean what kind of vegan would I be if I didn’t tell everyone I ever meet…

3. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory

Why is this important? A Harvard Medical School report explains how “Chronic inflammation plays a central role in some of the most challenging diseases of our time, including rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and even Alzheimer’s.” Given that celery juice is actually teeming with powerful anti-inflammatory properties’, thanks to 2 special compounds found in celery – polyacetylene and luteolin – it’s great for those who suffer from ‘autoimmune’ conditions, such as IBS, diabetes, acne, bloating, acid reflux, celiac disease and migraines, as well as helping to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And that’s just the tip of the celery stalk when it comes to celery juice benefits!

4. It boosts energy levels

If you rely on daily doses of caffeine to get you through, it’s important to learn the bitter truth. As much as I was reluctant to hear about the negative impact of my coffee habit on my health, my life changed when I did… when I eventually stopped sticking my fingers in my ears and shouting over anyone who’d attempt to tell me. Metaphorically, obviously. I’m not that mean!

I enjoyed my hit of this drug-laden beverage more than I care to mention, in the short term at least. Many of us, after the initial, and very short-lived, pick me up, are likely to experience a sharp decrease in energy and alertness, leading us to pick up another cup. And so on. Ever tried quitting coffee? Cue headaches, fatigue and, in my case, a huge case of the don’t-talk-to-me-under-any-circumstances-I-am-not-in-the-mood-for-human-interaction-right-now-ness. That’s not the medical term, but, you know.

I mentioned in my article about the negative health impact of coffee, that celery juice is an amazing coffee replacement. If you’ve never tried the juice, I imagine which you’d choose in a celery juice, latte line-up. It’s just no contest. But, once you’ve ditched the hugely powerful drug that is caffeine, and experienced the difference a glass of celery juice makes every morning to your energy levels and mood, you’d choose it, every time. No kidding. I show you here how to quit caffeine: not easy, but life-changing.

Unlike caffeine, fruits and veggies are full of living enzymes, vitamins and minerals which fill our cells with nothing but good, and will not leave us with effects akin to a hangover an hour later.

They’re not drugs, after all. Well, I am addicted to medjool dates, but that’s another article entirely.

Because celery juice is made of just celery (shockingly), and not a whole range of different foods, the body finds it much easier to digest it, allowing the energy you consume to fill the rest of your body, and not concentrate so hard on digesting processed, toxic foods. There’s no wonder we feel sluggish after a ‘typical’ American lunch.

As you’re cutting down on coffee, increase the celery juice first thing in a morning, and watch your energy levels rise and rise. Along with your bank balance. Stuff you, global coffee chains, the names of which I won’t mention for fear of libel! Yeah.

5. It strengthens bones

Not only does the highly underrated vegetable that is celery manage to do all of the things I’ve already listed, but it also strengthens our bones. I’m surprised it can fit through the door with such a massive head (of celery). Bad veggie pun, sorry.

Because it contains minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin K, it’s amazing for your bone density, and can even reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. Strange fact for you: our bones are 23% sodium, and celery is, would you believe it, 23% sodium. It’s a sign from the vegetable Gods, if I’ve ever seen one. Give the other veggies a chance, jeez. 

6. It’s great for the immune system

Celery is amazing for our immune systems. Packed full of vitamin C, crucial for protecting and strengthening our immunity, when eaten on a regular basis, help us to ward off common colds, as well as a range of other diseases. As I mentioned earlier, because it gets rid of acid in our bodies, this helps to protect healthy cells and balance our mineral levels, which gives a much-needed boost to our immune systems, especially at this time of year!

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone ask, ‘Have you had that cold that’s going round yet?’ this month, I’d go live in the Bahamas. The answer is no, but if I do happen to catch a cold, I know what I’ll be filling up on to fight it!

7. It can aid weight loss

Firstly, if you’re looking to lose some weight to feel better, that’s great, but please don’t get sucked into the idea that there’s a certain way you ‘should’ be for purely aesthetic reasons. Ain’t nobody got time for weight shaming. Plus, going from eating the standard American diet to a week of celery juice, and celery juice alone, is likely to have you so hungry, undernourished and downright hangry that you vow never to touch a stalk again. This is not what raw vegan is about; there’s a reason my blog’s called Berry Abundant Life! By all means aim for a healthy weight, but once there, do not feel the need to deprive yourself of food – we need it to fuel our brains and bodies!

If you want to lose some weight to achieve optimum health, celery juice can help you. But drinking a celery juice daily and then proceeding to eat in the ‘standard American’ way throughout the day is probably not going to result in weight loss. As part of a healthy vegan and raw vegan diet, though, it can be great for maintaining an optimum weight.

Celery is 95% water and contains hardly any calories, and it’s also super, super filling. Packed with detoxing vitamins and minerals, it hydrates, nourishes and cleanses your body, whilst satiating you. And unlike coffee, it pours energy into your cells without leaving you with a crash an hour later, giving the energy to get stuff done, and feel amazing.

Read more about how to start a raw vegan diet, as well as how it can help you with weight loss!

8. It’s super easy to make

Unlike most health or weight loss fads, you haven’t got to hunt the internet for ‘magical’, mythical ingredients, pay for a subscription, or count calories with celery juice. Not that there’d be much to count, to be fair.

If you hadn’t already guessed it, all you really need to enjoy the immense benefits of celery juice is a juicer, and some celery, organic where possible! Once you’ve got your hands on a juicer – and I recommend some below – you’ll need just a bunch of celery and some water. Juice it up according the instructions for your juicer, and sip like you’ve never sipped before!

What is the best time to drink celery juice?

The best time to drink celery is in the morning on an empty stomach. No time for drinking it at home and need a boost you can take with you? Celery juice is the answer. Simply whip it up with a juicer (recommendations below), pour it into a reusable container like this one, which keeps drinks cold for hours, and away you go! About 16oz is recommended by the Medical Medium, along with a breakfast after 15 minutes, so make sure you pack in a hearty raw vegan breakfast too – an energy packed green smoothie or, if you’re feeling fancier than Queen Bey (who’s vegan too, incidentally), this acai bowl will have you crazy in love with the raw vegan diet. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

And when your colleagues ask you what you’re drinking, and they recoil in horror at your answer, keep your head high knowing that you’ll still be wide awake at 2pm, and not crashed out on your desk with a headache and a serious case of fatigue from a toxic mix of caffeine, sugar and fat. Not that you’ll be smug about it.

9. It’s crazy cheap

Of course, prices will vary depending on whether your celery is organic or not, how much you buy, and where you buy it from, but really, this super-drink is about as cheap as it gets. I always recommend purchasing organic, and from a local producer or coop where possible, but celery can be purchased for as little $0.95 per head. That is one cheap-ass breakfast, especially considering a coffee and a pastry can cost anything up to $7. I know which my bank balance would choose…

Juice or blend?

Surely it does the same thing right? Before I was raw vegan, I thought juicing and blending were one in the same. In fact, they’re very, very different, and it’s important to get the right tool for the job. Whereas blenders are fab for smoothies and soups, and don’t waste any of the fruit and veg you use, juicers extract the juice only, removing the pulp and fiber.

In terms of health benefits, some argue that smoothies are better nutritionally, because they retain the fiber of the blended ingredients, allowing your body to digest and use the sugar within them at a slower speed. But considering that celery juice doesn’t contain much sugar at all, and as long as you’re getting plenty of fiber daily (which you will do on a raw vegan diet!), juice is just fine.Better than fine, really. It’s amazing. If you hadn’t got that from the article yet…

It’s not that you can’t drink a celery smoothie, but a smooth, light celery juice is super refreshing, and contains all the amazing nutrients I talked about above.

Your body will be hit with all of these nutrients and absorb them super quickly, filling you with energy, and giving you a boost akin to, or better than, your morning coffee.

If you’ve got a juicer already, that’s ace. Get on it! If not, here are 3 of the best. And don’t be put off by their high-tech, straight-out-of-a-sci-fi-movie-sounding names. They all just juice fruits and veggies, offering life-changing, disease-preventing benefits. #humblebrag

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1. Aicok Masticating Juicer

This amazing value juicer is a fab addition to any kitchen. It claims to increase juice yield by 80% compared to other juicers, with its slow chewing of fruits and veggies. It’s also quieter than some others, making it great for early morning juicing, without waking up the family. Alright, they’ll probably still be woken up, but so they should, lazy layabouts! They clearly need a celery juice…

Click here to get it on Amazon

2. Omega J8006HDS Masticating Dual-Stage Juicer

This piece of technological awesomeness makes extracting every little bit of health out of life-giving fruits and veggies easy. It uses a low speed, which minimizes oxidation and retains enzymes. Not only that, but it can make nut butter, mince herbs and garlic, make baby food and frozen desserts, and whip up soy milk. So really, if you were to find yourself stranded on a desert island, you’d want to be with this juicer…

Click here to buy it on Amazon

3. Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Masticating Juicer

Saving the fanciest name until last, this really does sound like the next rocket headed into space or something. So it’s not that fancy, but it’s still pretty cool. Featuring stainless steel twin gears, it preserves living enzymes and vitamins, delivers super crazy fresh juice and is also easy to clean. Oh and it has a 12 year warranty, so you can juice as many celery heads as you like! And other stuff, of course.

Click here to buy it on Amazon

Have a blender, but not a juicer? You can use a blender like my all time fave, Vitamix, but you’ll need to use a mesh strainer afterwards to yield some super refreshing juice, so I recommend investing in one of the pieces of tech amazingness above. It’s one of the kitchen must-haves to thrive on a life-giving raw vegan diet. And it’ll save you having to spend a month’s wages every day on a convenience juice from the store, which can only be a good thing.

Phew! We’re done. I totally understand how the idea of drinking celery every day might not sound particularly appealing initially. But trust me, give it a go and you’ll see and feel the benefits after just a few days, if not sooner. Read more about the benefits of celery juice in the Medical Medium’s best-selling book!

Ultimately, it’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s life-changing. Will you love it straight away if you’re used to a caffeine-filled morning latte? Not nece-celery (ha!), but stick with it, and I promise that your mind will be changed.

Anyone else enjoy a terrible veggie pun? Just me?